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focus on your home, your comfortable abode.

the blanket you're bundled up in,

the drink sitting on your coaster.

look around at your walls, your shelves,

sentiments you surround yourself with.

your home, your recharging space.

filled with loud children's laughter,

dogs barking,

music or joyful silence.

maybe your walls are empty

looking to be filled with

meaningful, inspirational & beautiful

items that gracefully capture

your character.

let us help with that. it's what we're good at.

Inspired by the unique beauty of hospitality, culture, and worldly perspectives, Hearth Hill Wishes aims to create original home decor that masters a combination of both luxury and coziness.

Through our collection of original pieces, our goal is to create, or further expand, the character of your home. We aim to encourage, inspire, and understand the lives around us.


We provide high quality, original artwork that can add a level to your home either as a conversation starter, a perspective reminder, or a beautiful escape to an outdoor sanctuary.

The hearth has always been the heart of the home. It’s a place to gather for warmth, community, fellowship, and love. We hope that you carry our wishes for your happiness and a life of joy from our hearth to yours.

The Hearth Hill Wishes Team



customer reviews

Jill - Customer Review

"Despite All Things"


This piece is extremely elegant and professional. I have it displayed behind me in my office space and feel proud and professional during business video calls.

Ray - Customer Review

"Blarney Castle"


I love this piece because it brings back memories of my travels to Ireland, good times with family, and much more that I would have to put into a book.


This painting stands out as one of the first things you see when you enter the room.

Jody - Customer Review Cropped

"Imagine a Place"


I love the JOY of this piece! The big, happy sun and the colorful, cascading, bubbling waterfall are so alive.

It's hung up near the top of our stairs and sets a positive tone to our house.

It just makes us feel warm & fuzzy. One look at it and we know, all's right with the world.

Julie - Customer Review

"Shades of White"


This painting looks very sophisticated and expensive. It elevates the elegance of the room.

This piece makes the room feel very well put together and it makes me feel pampered to have it in my space.

It gives me a feeling of pride and evokes feelings of loving warmth because of my personal connection to the artist.

Amanda - Customer Review

"Blue Forest"


I love the different colors, textures, and patterns used. It's just beautiful. It gives me a sense of calm and warmth.

It's hanging outside of my room It adds color to my space and is a conversation starter.

I do not typically purchase artwork but this piece stood out to me. I usually purchase based on the space but this was because of the piece and I found a place for it.

Theresa - Customer Review



This unique piece adds warmth to our home.

We always hear the comments “I can hear the waterfall - amazing“ and “This is so calming and peaceful to look at”

Carsen - Customer Review

"Follow What Line"


I love that Sarah includes a note about what each piece means to her. I think that's pretty unique and adds extra value to each of her originals. It can also make a gift significantly more meaningful and intentional to the recipient!

This piece brings variety to my home as it is one of the few abstract pieces I've purchased.


"Laying Down, Looking Up"


This is exactly what I wanted!

Employee of the Month: Ember
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